A digital platform that contributes to motivating and challenging gifted and talented pupils to reach their full potential while inspiring children around them.



Talent toolbox is a digital platform that contains a range of tools for identifying, challenging and assessing gifted and talented pupils as well as inspiring the pupils around them. Talented pupils are identified and assessed using tools developed by associate professor, Specialist and supervisor in clinical psychology and psychotherapy Danish School of Education,

Aarhus University. Based on the results from these tools, the platform provides a range of opportunities tailored to challenge and enhance the pupil’s individual talent.


An example of this is the possibility the platform provides for teachers to offer differentiated instruction e.g. by means of particularly challenging video sessions or other media content targeted towards these pupils. Gifted pupils are likewise offered exclusive access to creating their own content by creating events, uploading media files such as videos, pictures etc. to be shared with all other pupils using the platform. Gifted pupils are also offered the opportunity to connect and communicate with likeminded through a chat function that cuts across classes, schools, towns and districts.


The platform creates opportunities for academic immersion e.g. within science, sports, etc., as the academic and uploaded content is organised according to different types of talent. Qualified and relevant content and activities are likewise generated by companies and organisations with which partnerships are formed.


The platform also includes participation of the entire student body, where each individual, based on their personal field of interest, may be inspired and motivated by participating in relevant activities and events and by following the content upload of gifted pupils. For this group activities and events are similarly created by organisations/companies, gifted pupils or teachers.





Web – Tools (developed by Associate Professor, Poul Nissen)


-Identification of potential


-Identification of talents


-Tailored academic challenges




App – Talent activities, user-generated talent content


-Academic challenges (organisations and companies)


-Digital differentiated instruction for gifted pupils


-Content generated by gifted pupils